Finnbin Baby Box

Best Holiday Gift for Expecting Mom or Dad

Best Holiday Gift for Expecting Mom | Finnbin Baby Box

Shopping for an expecting parent can be a difficult task during the holiday season, but gifting a new mom or dad a Finnbin baby box for Christmas or Hanukkah is a great option. Here are 5 reasons why a Finnbin is the best holiday gift for an expecting parent. 

1. Baby Boxes are Safe

Becoming a parent is an overwhelming experience - especially for first time moms and dads! There is so much to learn and everything can seem like a hazard to your newborn baby. A Temple University Study about baby boxes found that for exclusively breastfed infants, a population at increased risk of bed-sharing (a practice that can increase the risk for accidental injury and death, such as suffocation, asphyxia, entrapment, falls and strangulation), bed-sharing was reduced by 50%. Additionally, there have been no documented cases of injury or death as a result of properly using a baby box as a sleeping environment for your child. Not to mention, they use more sustainable materials than many of the infant sleeping products on the market.  

2. Finnbin Bundles Contain A Lot of Great Products

Finnbin's baby boxes are more than just a sleep space - they also double as a "starter kit" for a newborn baby. All of Finnbin's bundles contain wonderful baby products from great baby brands - many of which are organic. The Finnbin Original Bundle includes items from KickeePants, Colored Organics, MagneticMe, Bestaroo, L'oved Baby, Aden & Anais, Chewbeads, Dr. Browns, and more! Shopping for a new parent can be difficult, let us take the stress out of it for you this holiday season.

3. It's Good for the Earth

Finnbin's baby boxes are made from corrugated cardboard - a sustainable material. A cardboard box that ends up in the ocean, typically biodegrades within months. A huge benefit when compared to many of the other sleeping products on the market that are made with plastic. Finnbin also plants a tree in a US-based National Forest for each box sold. We care about the Earth and want our children to have a healthy environment to grow up in. 

4. Baby Boxes are Big

Baby boxes are becoming a big trend in the United States and abroad, but best of all, they're physically quite large. Let's be honest, who doesn't enjoy receiving a large gift? They're just more fun to unwrap. Plus, once you unwrap a Finnbin baby box, you still get to unbox the Finnbin and see all the goodies inside. 

5. Holidays are All About Tradition

From decorating the tree to caroling to lighting the candles on a menorah, the holiday season is all about tradition. Baby boxes originate from an 80-year old "maternity package" tradition in Finland. Share this tradition with a friend or loved one this holiday season. 

Consider gifting a Finnbin Baby Box Bundle to an expecting mom or dad this holiday season. It's a great gift to help any parent prepare for their growing family. 


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