Finnbin Baby Box

Welcome to the world, Finnbin!

Welcome to the world, Finnbin!

We are very excited to officially announce the new arrival of our box, or bundle of joy: Finnbin. After a long journey to get here, we couldn’t be more thrilled to share Finnbin has launched and entering the world.

Our hope is simple: to get more babies to sleep in a cardboard box. Specifically, our cardboard box. Or as we call it, our Finnbin Boxinet™. In addition to the Boxinet™ providing a safe space for your newborn to sleep, each Finnbin comes with over 45 items (valued at over $800! For real!) of things you’ll actually need (and love!) from the best baby and parent brands out there.

As parents ourselves, we’ve been through the daunting reality that settles in, knowing life is about to change and not having a clue on where to begin preparing for it. Well, we hope to make Finnbin step number one in that process because once you have a Finnbin you’re in a lot better shape for the baby to come home than without it!

Please let us know what you think about it and if you like what we’re working on, tell your friends and family. We are excited to get Finnbin out into the world and to see all the beautiful babies safely sleeping in our Boxinet™!

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Mar 23, 2017 • Posted by Anne Mabillé


I just became aware of your product and am very interested. My daughter’s best friend is due in May with a little girl and her shower is in late April. She is my daughter’s best friend and she is like another daughter to me. She and her husband live in New Jersey.

I have looked at your website as thoroughly as possible but cannot get any idea nor noted any photo that indicated what kind, thickness, etc of the “mattress” in the box. Overall, it seems like a really excellent idea.

Also, since I will be driving nearly 1000 miles in April to join my daughter at this friend’s shower, would it just be possible to pick up the boxinet somewhere “local” – the shower will be held in Denning, NJ.

Thank you in advance for any help, advice you may be able to provide.
Anne Mabillé

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