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What is a baby box?

What is a baby box | Finnbin Baby Box Company

One question I often get asked is: "What is a baby box?" Although baby boxes have been around since the 1930's and have recently become a world-wide phenomenon, baby boxes are still relatively unknown to expecting parents. So, what is a baby box and why should you care? I'll do my best to answer these questions and a few other things you should know while you are considering whether or not a baby box is a good fit for your growing family. 

What is a baby box?

Baby boxes are sturdy cardboard boxes that have been distributed to new moms in Finland since the 1930s. An inexpensive crib, they offer babies a safe place to sleep and a whole lot more. The boxes often come stuffed with essentials like diapers and clothes. Some say they have helped Finland achieve one of the World's lowest infant mortality rates.

Is it really made of cardboard?

Yes! Sort of. Not all cardboard is created equal and not all boxes are created equal. There are actually two types of materials that the general public terms "cardboard." The first is corrugated cardboardCorrugated cardboard is a strong, versatile packaging material that is made from two strips of flat cardboard on the top and bottom, and a wavy "corrugated" or fluted strip running through the center. It is most commonly found in boxes used for packaging and shipping items, or baby boxes :) The second type of material that is dubbed "cardboard" by the general public is actually paperboard-a flat, pressed stiff paper. It is commonly used for lighter packaging such as cereal and snack food boxes. Corrugated cardboard boxes can be single walled or double walled. As you might imagine, double walled is going to be a lot more sturdy (and potentially safer for a baby).

Getting into the board grade specifics, there are two ways to test boxes. One is Mullen, the other Edge Crush Testing. Mullen is the older way of doing this. This test is for burst. Edge Crush is what is most commonly used today.Finnbin baby boxes are made of corrugated cardboard with 44 ECT board grade. This ECT has a recommended max weight of box and contents of 95lbs

What else should you know before you buy a baby box? 

Read the Reviews

Most first-time parents are relatively naive when it comes to baby products and baby brands. In the age of online shopping, one good way to learn about the quality of a product is online reviews. Although Finnbin is not the only baby box manufacturer, parents love that we've gone the extra mile when it comes to the quality of materials we use and our sustainability efforts. Check out the reviews on each of our product pages to see what others have to say about their Finnbin experience. 

Mattress Quality

One of the most important features of a baby box is the mattress. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, one way to reduce the risk of SIDS is place your baby to sleep on a firm sleep surface with a fitted sheet designed for that particular product. The firm sleep surface should not indent when the baby is lying on it. Finnbin's waterproof mattress is best in class and comes with a 100% cotton fitted sheet custom made for Finnbin mattresses. Finnbin does not cut any corners when it comes to mattress quality. We believe a baby's first sleep surface should be a great surface and not just a piece of foam.

Materials Matter

One of the best features about a Finnish baby box is that it is made of corrugated cardboard - a recyclable and sustainable material. However, we've learned that not all corrugate is created equal. Recycled cardboard that is not suitable to be recycled in the US is sent overseas. Due to the lack of standards from overseas corrugated manufacturers and the fact that Finnbin baby boxes are built for babies, we do not take any chances with our raw materials. All of our corrugated cardboard comes from managed forestries in the US. It can be tracked to its place of origin and we are confident that it is chemical-free and structurally sound. Before you purchase a baby box, be sure that the baby box is made with quality materials and (preferably) in the USA.

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