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What is SIDS?

What is SIDS?

In the US alone, 3,500 babies die each year in their sleep. Some die from suffocation or strangulation, but others die from unknown causes, and those mortalities are classified as SIDS, which stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and is also known as “crib death.” Again, we don’t know what causes SIDS, but we do know that it affects only children under 1 year of age and is most prevalent in babies 2 to 4 months old.

Many deaths that were once attributed to SIDS are now understood to have been caused by unsafe sleeping conditions, so it’s paramount that you create and maintain the safest sleeping environment possible for your baby. While SIDS itself is not 100% preventable, suffocation and strangulation absolutely are, and the following steps can help you lower your baby’s risk of dying from these accidents.


This series of information comes from Dr. Dania Rumbak and Baby Doctor. Dr. Dania Rumbak, co-founder of Baby Doctor, is a fully licensed Pediatrician, board-certified in both Pediatrics and Pediatric Critical Care, and serves as an Assistant Professor at Columbia University Children's Hospital. She is also a mohel, and in her nine years of experience has performed more than 2,000 circumcisions. Baby Doctor offers parents pediatric services on demand. We bring the following services right to your home: Pediatric Urgent Care, Lactation, and Circumcision. Learn more at:

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