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Where Should My Baby Sleep?

Where Should My Baby Sleep?

Put your baby to sleep on a hard surface in the same room where you sleep. Children who sleep in the same room as their parents for the first year of life have a 50% lower risk of SIDS than children who sleep in a separate room. Never put your baby to sleep in your bed. Pillows, sheets, blankets—all of those things can suffocate your baby—and even your own body is a hazard. Believe it or not, parents actually do roll onto their children, accidentally suffocating them in the night.

If you’re using a crib or Finnbin boxinet, make sure it meets current safety standards, and do not place pillows, blankets, stuffed animals, bumper pads, or any other soft items in the crib until your child turns one. Instead of a blanket, use a sleep sack that zips around your baby’s body. Never let your infant nap or sleep on a couch, a waterbed, or even a thick blanket. If your child falls asleep in a car seat, stroller, or carrier, move them to a firm sleeping surface as soon as possible.


This series of information comes from Dr. Dania Rumbak and Baby Doctor. Dr. Dania Rumbak, co-founder of Baby Doctor, is a fully licensed Pediatrician, board-certified in both Pediatrics and Pediatric Critical Care, and serves as an Assistant Professor at Columbia University Children's Hospital. She is also a mohel, and in her nine years of experience has performed more than 2,000 circumcisions. Baby Doctor offers parents pediatric services on demand. We bring the following services right to your home: Pediatric Urgent Care, Lactation, and Circumcision. Learn more at: 


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