Finnbin Baby Box

The First Six Months


The Artifact Family Podcast: The First Six Months is a perfect gift for expecting and new parents! That’s why the New York Times Wirecutter recently named Artifact as one of the best gifts for bonding. Here at Finnbin we are so excited to bring Artifact to you through our exclusive partnership. The best part? Artifact does all the work for you!

What is an Artifact Family Podcast?

Think of your favorite podcast—maybe it’s This American Life or Radiolab. Now imagine it as a deep dive into the first months with a new baby! 

They go by in a blur, but with your Artifact The First Six Months, we’ll help you remember the sweet moments amid all those sleepless nights. It’s also great for sharing with family and friends!

[Listen to a 30 second sample]


  • Each 30 minute interview is polished into a 20 minute episode
  • 1 x dedicated support staff schedules interviews
  • 1 x professional interviewer
  • 1 x content editor
  • 1 x sound engineer
  • Curated musical overlay on each polished episode


How does Artifact work?

You tell us what you want to focus on and whom to interview, and we do the rest—we schedule the conversations, conduct interviews over the phone, and deliver a polished podcast that wouldn’t sound out of place on NPR.

How long does it take?

A single interview lasts 30 minutes and is edited into a 20-minute polished episode. We deliver the first cut within seven business days of the final interview.

Who gets to hear it?

Whomever you choose to share it with—Artifacts are typically shared with family and friends.

More questions?

Email us at or call us at (415) 792-4001.