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Shawn Bercuson & Catherine Merritt - the founders of Finnibn

Finnbin is a baby box company inspired by the Kela (Finland social security program) maternity package that grants a kit to all expectant or adoptive parents who live in Finland. While having a baby can be one of life’s greatest joys, it also brings on a new set of stresses. Our goal with Finnbin is to make life easier for new parents by helping them prepare for their baby by introducing great brands with quality products and providing babies with a safe place to sleep. We are excited to bring this beloved and age-old Finnish tradition to families throughout the U.S. 

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SHAWN BERCUSON - Shawn is an entrepreneur and startup advisor with a focus on consumer technology. He was a founding member and VP of Business Development of Groupon, the collective buying pioneer. In September 2008, Shawn joined the as VP of Business Development where he was instrumental in helping transform the collective action platform,, into Groupon as we know it today. Shawn holds a bachelor's degree in Economics from Vanderbilt University and lives in Park City, UT with his amazing wife, adorable daughter, and lovable dog.

CATHERINE MERRITT - Catherine has been a long-time supporter of moms and founded MUMZY, the first and only crowdfunding platform to help moms bring their ideas to life. She sold MUMZY in 2016 and was thrilled when Shawn approached her to launch Finnbin. Catherine has been featured on ABC, Yahoo!, BlogHer, Working Mother Magazine and many other outlets as a fierce champion of moms and parents, helping them navigate the unique journey of parenthood. Catherine is married to Ian and mom to Teddy and Archie. They live in Evanston, Illinois and are die-hard Cubs fans!


In 2016, Shawn and his wife, Jaime, were expecting their first child. Although Shawn and Jaime were preparing themselves for this life-changing event, four months into the pregnancy, they still felt overwhelmed and under-prepared.

While doing some research to get better prepared for their baby, Shawn stumbled upon an article about the baby box concept in Finland. He was instantly drawn to the idea. He ordered a baby box from Finland for him and his wife. Unpacking the box was an incredible experience with extreme emotions - so much excitement for their unborn child and relief that they were now prepared with some of the basic necessities in case the baby arrived early.

Having now gone through the overwhelming process of preparing for a child and been introduced to so many incredible products, they thought they could help others prepare by introducing them to some of the more innovative products and quality brands that expecting parents may not otherwise know about. They decided the best way to do this was through the Finnish baby box concept. Not too long after having their first child, Finnbin was also born.


"What an awesome gift! I wish they had this when my babies were itty bitty." -Alia S. 

"Soooo cute!! Those things are brilliant!" -Bergen H.

"Love the boxes so so much!" -Makelle A.

"I absolutely love the baby box idea! Look at all the cute stuff inside." -Andrea A.

"This is such a great idea! And such a great collection of products!" -Shahla P.

"I just think this is the coolest idea ever!" -Lindsey L. 

"Ok this box is stinking adorable!!" -Jessica H.

"This is such an amazing collection!!" -Erin J.

"What an amazing collection of gear!" -Anna M.

"These boxes are just the coolest idea!" -Stephanie K.




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