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Baby Box | Finnish Baby Box | Finnbin
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$450.00 $800.00

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The Finnbin Original Bundle Baby Box is like a baby registry inside a box! It comes with all the essentials parents will need for their newborn. We have spent months researching, testing and deciding over the hundreds of baby products and have hand-picked the best out there to make things a little easier for new parents. With over 50 items that come in the Finnbin Original Bundle baby box from the best of the best baby brands, it can instantly ease parents that they’ll be ready when their little one arrives (well, as much as an expecting parent can feel prepared!).

The Finnbin baby box measures 27.5" in length x 17.75" in width x 10.75" in height and comes with:

1 x The Finnbin Boxinet™ Baby Box with “Clouds & Stars” design (not pictured here)

1 x Infant Sleeping Pad with Water-Proof Pad Cover

1 x 100% Cotton Fitted Sheet

In addition to the Boxinet™ baby box, each Finnbin Original Bundle baby box includes the following items in a gender neutral color palate:

2 x Burpy Bib

1 x Bandana Bib

1 x Muslin Stroller Blanket

1 x Muslin Swaddle

1 x Hooded towel

1 x Washcloth

1 x 4oz Glass Baby Bottle

1 x Pacifier

6 x Onesies

4 x Leggings

4 x Footies

2 x Coveralls

1 x Sleeping Gown

1 x Hat

1 x Pair of Booties

2 x Pairs of Socks

1 x No Scratch Handsocks

1 x Portable Changing Pad

1 x 24 Pack of Huggies Diapers (size: NB)

1 x Refillable Huggies Clutch with 32 Wipes

1 x Poise Pads for Mom (20 Pack)

1 x Kleenex Facial Cleansing Wipes for Mom (25 pack)

1 x Rattle

1 x Block Set

1 x Book

1 x Stroller Toy

1 x Teething bracelet

1 x Baby Nail Clipper

1 x Baby Nail Scissors

1 x 3-in-1 Thermometer

1 x Baby-safe Dish Liquid

6 x Condoms

2 x Washable Nipple Pads

Each item was picked by the Finnbin team because we couldn't live without them when we raised our own children. You will find the following brands: Aden+Anais, ApplePark, Bamboobies, Chewbeads, Colored Organics, Dapple, Handsocks, Huggies, Jeffries Socks, KicKee Pants, Kleenex, Lollaland, Magnificent Baby, ONE condom, Piyo Piyo, Poise, Safety 1st, & SkipHop in your Finnbin. Some styles and colors may vary from those shown.


Many people have different ideas of the definition of "gender neutral." Natural tones such as off white and grey are gender neutral staples, but we've expanded that a bit to make your box a little more exciting. In addition to off white and grey, our boxes contain light blues (that we think skew toward gender neutral vs. boyish), greens, yellows, and sometimes even black or orange. 

Some styles and colors may vary from those shown in the product images. 

Shipping usually takes between 7 - 10 days. 

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