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Safe & Sustainable Baby Box Bassinets & Newborn "Starter Kits" Carefully Designed to Help You Prepare for Your Newborn Baby


Finnbin Baby Boxes are Sustainable and Tested Safe Sleep Bassinets and Contain Essential Products for the Modern Mom

Safe Sleep Bassinet

Baby boxes provide a safe sleeping environment for newborn babies up to 6 months of age. Finnbin baby boxes are light and portable allowing parents to keep their child safe during sleeptime no matter the location.

Sustainable Product

Corrugated cardboard is a strong natural product that is sustainable by nature and can be recycled. Finnbin sources all of the corrugated materials from managed forestries in the USA. We also plant one tree per baby box sold.

Baby Starter Kit

Finnbin helps take the stress out of preparing for a newborn baby through baby box bundles that are curated with essential baby products. A popular item for baby registries.

Perfect Gift for New Mom

Gift a baby box to a pregnant coworker, employee, family member or member of your community. Baby boxes and bundles make for a great gift for any baby shower.

Finnish Baby Boxes | Baby Starter Kit | Finnbin

What is a Baby Box?

Baby boxes are sturdy cardboard boxes that act as bassinets and have been distributed to new moms in Finland since the 1930s. These affordable bassinets offer newborns a portable safe sleeping environment that has been known to reduce bed sharing - a leading cause of SIDS. Finnbin baby box bundles come filled with essentials like diapers, thermometers and clothes. Many credit baby boxes for helping Finland achieve one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the World.

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Baby Shower Gift Idea

Give the gift of a Finnbin baby box to an expecting loved one or a co-worker. Each of our baby box bundles comes standard with a baby box bassinet, water-proof mattress, 100% cotton fitted sheet and lid plus other essential baby products.

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Start a Wholesale Baby Box Program

Start a baby box program for your patients, employees, community, or affinity group. Finnbin works with healthcare organizations, non-profits, government entities, and corporations. We help you design, customize and rollout a successful low-cost, high impact baby box program for your organization. Volume-based discounts start at 100 boxes annually.

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One Box = One Tree Program

Finnbin plants a tree for every box sold to ensure sustainability for future generations. Trees clean the air we breathe and the water we drink. They help stabilize our climate, provide habitat for biodiversity, and create sustainable jobs.

Finnbin is Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

Managed Forestry

Finnbin baby boxes are made of corrugated that is sourced from trees in managed forests in the USA.


Did you know that a corrugated box that ends up in the ocean will biodegrade within two months.

Recycled Raw Materials

On average, corrugated cardboard contains about 48% recycled fiber and is easy to recycle after use.

"It's all parents need for the first 6 months"

Hear what parents are saying about their experience receiving and using a Finnbin baby box for their newborn babies.

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Baby Box by Finnbin Baby Box Company Best Baby Shower Gift
Gave the Finnbin to my daughter for her first baby. It contained everything she needed to get a great start. The quality of the merchandise is awesome! I feel secure knowing my grandson sleeps in a safe place!

– Diane E. (Original Bundle Baby Box)

Best Baby Box from Finnbin Baby Box Company
Nice to have a baby bed that is super portable, works well and doesn't take up much space. Wish we had heard of these when our older children were babies!

– Shannon T. (Boxinet Baby Box)

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